Tuesday, June 8, 2010

How Kohler's Inspiring Design: 100K House

In recent years, Kohler has gone above and beyond just making faucets to inspire design in everyone's home. A faucet isn't just a water spigot anymore. It's become a work of art. And so it should come as no surprise that Kohler is sponsoring a video series on Babelgum that showcases inspired (and inspiring) design.

M&M House Second Floor 1 by postgreen.

One of the videos tells of the 100K house in Philadelphia. The creators of this house wanted a home that was fully sustainable for $100,000 dollars or more specifically, $100 a square foot. So using abandoned and dilapidated lots (of which there are 25,000 in Philly alone), they constructed a dwelling using outside, fully-insulated wall panels.

What comes out is a beautifully designed, simple, inexpensive, and fully sustainable home.

Skinny Project Rendering Web by postgreen.

It's nice to see Kohler putting their money into something that's more about the people and great design than it is about Kohler. We're glad to carry them!

M&M House Ecotop Counter by postgreen.

You can learn more about the 100k house mission and products at www.100khouse.com

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