Friday, April 2, 2010

Cool Find of the Week: Bio Glass

While we think all of the stuff we post is cool (otherwise we wouldn't post it) we're going to try and do a Cool Find every week. Cool finds could be anything really, from furniture to technology to a new product that especially caught our eye but is still relevant to home remodeling/decorating.

This week, we've got BioGlass, a 100% recycled (and 100% recyclable) countertop material made from recycled glass bottles from the company Coverings Etc.

Not only is it fully sustainable, but the stuff's gorgeous! It's almost luminous. I'm sure there's lights under the material in these pictures, but it's still very cool to have a countertop material that allows light to pass through. Imagine your countertop glowing when you walked into the kitchen.

So there you have it. Our cool find of the week. If you've got something cool to show us, post it in the comments!

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