Friday, April 30, 2010

Another Use for Granite

On such a warm Friday, you're lucky you have us to cool you off with our Cool Find of the Week. This week's cool find is made of granite, exactly like the granite countertops we carry in our showroom (shameless plug, I know). Designer John Pawson showed this heavy shelter off at last week's Milan Design Show:

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The thing about our Cool Finds so far that we haven't intentionally been posting is that they've all been recycled products. I don't try it really. I blame it on the fact that recycling has become such a big part of everyone's lives that more people are thinking up new ways to recycle both everyday objects as well as the things that are just left over.

It just so happens that this house is made from 99% recycled granite. Pawson worked with stone craftsmen of Italy to find a way to use cast-off stone which costs millions of Euros to dispose of.

Many of the intersecting planes or fissures are also lit up to add another touch of beauty to the already impressive walls of granite, and the ceiling offers a lengthy skylight right down the middle. It's just very cool to see structure like this made completely out of beautiful stones. But maybe we're just being granite nerds.

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