Friday, May 28, 2010

Bathroom Redo: From Wood Paneling to White Palette

Remember wood paneling? I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for the retro, natural (looking) vibe that wood paneling offers. I also have a slight affinity for dive bars, so it makes sense that I'd appreciate the stuff.

But I do know the dive bar is probably where paneling should stay these days. Nobody wants it in their house anymore. Which is why Christie sent her bathroom Before and After into Design*Sponge. I'm picking on the paneling a little bit, because she also redid the window and shower curtains, the vanity, including an awesome faucet, as well as the overall decor of the room. And boy does it do wonders for the space...

This isn't just your simple "throw in a new vanity and change the shower curtain" sort of renovate. Christie transforms the space with artistry, from the fish tile to painting decorative fern leaves on the entrance door:

At the same time, redoing your bathroom in such a way shouldn't be intimidating in the least. Christie plays it safe and sound with neutral greys and blues, and of course weighs heavily on classic white. For me though, the clincher is in the details. The leaves on the door, the small simple's all about planning it out ahead of time rather than just throwing it together, and Christie succeeds!

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