Monday, May 17, 2010

PORTFOLIO: The Groft Project

Today I'm bringing you an extra post while I've got a few quiet minutes - some photos from our most recently completed new home - built for the Groft family. They had an extra large bill to fill - their new space had to accommodate a separate in laws quarters that would offer each family privacy without going over budget. The home was contracted by L. L. Lawrence Builders - a local company who's built homes in Pennsylvania for over 20 years, and as their kitchen supplier, we offered a few budget friendly ideas for their kitchen space - which can quickly become the most expensive feature in a home.

By using Laminate and Vinyl Flooring throughout the house, instead of hardwood, the Grofts saved quite a bit. Children tend to be hard on most forms of flooring - but they Groft's saved themselves that headache in choosing easy to clean, scratch resistant Laminates in the major traffic areas of their home.

The countertops might fool you - they're not solid surface or natural stone. They're laminate! Wilsonart has a slew of fabulous granite knockoffs and combined with a beveled edge, you'd be surprised how hard it is to tell the difference. The cabinets are from our favorite "karma friendly" cabinet manufacturer , Bertch Cabinet Manufacturing. I call them karma friendly because they're some of the friendliest vendors we've ever worked with, and I'm a firm believer that happy employees make happy customers.

Enjoy and tell us what you think! We'll be posting all new finished jobs as soon as we complete them, so look forward to new job photos soon. We're working on some really fun projects

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