Monday, May 17, 2010

How to Make Your Kitchen Look Good on the Cheap

New cabinets and countertops aren't the only way to help your kitchen look newer, current, and hip. You might just need a few good-looking accessories. We've got a couple to share with you, and they're things we've had our eyes on for our own kitchens.
These earthenware mugs and pots are available from Urban Outfitters. Definitely not your typical designs, but that's what makes them so eye catching. The few classic solid colors and sleek lines make the pots well worth the price ($16) as well as the mugs ($5).


Then there's these awesome cutting boards. Each piece of wood comes with its own imaginary setting. You might see a putting green or a ski slope for instance. At least that's what Karen Olze and Gisa Wilkens saw when they made these. They're made from acacia wood, and come in a couple of very grin-worthy styles. Sleek Identity has them for $36.

SIx Pack of Recycled Bass Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses / Eco Friendly

Nick Paul is a glass-blower based in Chicago. You can find his work on his Etsy page, where he showcases an array of recycled beer bottles which he first blows into useable, permanent drinking glassware. After that, what better packaging could you use than the six-pack carton the bottles originally came in? Not only a fun product to make, but a fun excuse to drink a sixer!

Six pack of Recycle Stella Artois Beer Bottle Drinking Glasses / Belgium Eco Friendly / Dishwasher Safe

Be sure to check out all the selections over at Nick's Etsy page.

The last product to spice up your kitchen today is your most affordable bet. It'll just take a little work on your part, but definitely adds a punch of color into the mix. What am I talking about already? Post-It Notes!

Design*Sponge had David Stark write a DIY column on their blog a a few weeks back, and the focus of this project was Post-Its bring a bold statement to the most legendary canvas in your kitchen: The Refrigerator.

It's all just a matter of measuring the space on your fridge door to see how big of a grid you can fit, planning out your design on a piece of old-school graph paper, and then get going!

Be sure to check out the Design*Sponge article for all the details.

If there's anything you've seen or even done yourself to make a statement in your kitchen, let us know! Hit us up on our Facebook page or leave a comment below.

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