Thursday, July 8, 2010

Before and After: Bedroom Makeover

I don't recall us doing a Before&After bedroom on SD yet. Mostly kitchens and bathrooms. But today's bedroom is in dire need of it! It appears to be a woodpaneled basement bedroom. We're talking wood paneled walls, ceiling, and almost the floor as well (it's a similar beige tone, not flattering).

This home belongs to Melissa, and she's done what most are doing: embracing in the white, and sometimes also the mustard yellow.

The wood paneling stays! And it should. Simply painting it white gets rid of  an unflattering color but keeps the texture of the wall that the paneling provides. This texture isn't easily seen in the wood initially, but painting it white adds dimension and allows it to become more visible.

Adding some coordinated color makes a boring white room something more powerful.

The best part? This room was transformed for under $100. Check out the rundown at IS*LY for the supplies and how they managed it. Nice work!

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