Sunday, July 11, 2010

Cool Find: Papervore


You get the mail, sit down at the coffee table, and tear it open. Let's see...bill, junk, bill. Fortunately, you've recently purchased the Papervore. It's the coffee table that's actually a manual paper shredder. So you insert the bill into the little slot, turn the crank, and PRESTO! Bills no more. Until you get the late notice anyway. Here's a little video to demonstrate:

The Papervore from Pigeontail Design on Vimeo.

At first I thought "Oh that's not very practical. Who wants a paper shredder in their living room." But on second thought, it's kind of practical. It's a shredder, it's a table, it doesn't require power. And it's a conversation piece to boot. Pretty useful. Also if you have a hamster, this is even more useful! Just throw him inside! (note: not in the slot!) :)

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