Tuesday, July 13, 2010

How to Borrow Your Neighbor's Drill/Bike/Table Saw/Anything

I don't know about you guys, but I encounter this often in some way: Let's say you have a project you would love to work on yourself, but you don't have the power drill to do it. Or you don't have a table saw in your garage to rip some lumber. Or it could even be something else. You want to go camping but don't have a tent or a mini grill; or want to go canoeing at the lake but have no canoe.

For everything you don't have, your neighbors might. And thankfully, there's NeighborGoods.

NeighborGoods is the new, online way of asking for a cup of sugar. It's kind of like a CraigsList for borrowing. You sign up, list the things you're willing to lend, find if there's someone with that canoe or table saw in your nearby community who's willing to lend it, and voila! You can work on your project or take a nice row in the lake.

This can literally be used for any thing that might be useful to someone for an afternoon or a couple of days. It's meant to break down the barriers of your fences and walls and help save you money and resources. I plan on using it as much as I can! Since it's relatively new, there may not be very much to borrow in your community yet, but don't be shy. Spread the word!

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