Monday, July 12, 2010

Wake up to a Modern Bath

Here's the scenario: You wake up in the morning to get ready for work. Your bathroom is drab. It's dark, it's pink, and it's uninspiring. It looks like this:


Okay, you probably don't have a bag over your toilet...
This is just the beginning of your day. You start off uninspired as soon as you leave bed. When you walk into this bathroom, you might feel those dark, drab feelings come up and let them affect how you feel about your job. You go to work and still cease to be inspired. You might say "Am I really going to get much inspiration from a bathroom?" And you have a point. Your home bathroom probably won't inspire you to do great work. But at the same time, aesthetics do have an impact on your psyche.  Just maybe not to this extreme.

Let's replay the scenario. You wake up. Good morning.

Done. Promoted. Happy about everything. All because of your morning routine and the style of your bathroom.

Okay, okay. I may have gone off the deep end here, but there are times when one becomes psychologically happier because they appreciate and approve of the look, feel, and comfort of their surroundings. Modern baths can help!


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