Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Take a Look at Kitchens Around the World

If there's one thing synonymous of all people around the world, it's their love of food. No matter what kind, just undying passion for their selection of cultural dishes, as home is where their food is.

With the global celebration that is the World Cup winding down this week, we want to take a look at and celebrate some kitchens from the world around (via The Kitchn). Let's get to it.

First, there are definite noticeable differences in kitchens around the world. Here are a few to note:
Japan: An oven is not necessarily a standard feature in a small Japanese kitchen, as there is not much traditional Japanese food that is baked.
Finland: Drying racks built into the cabinetry would be a welcome special detail in our kitchen, but they're standard in some Scandinavian kitchens--we've seen them a lot in Finland.
South America: Plancha griddles are indoor flattop grills that originated in Spain and are now also used in South American countries and Cuba for many traditional dishes. (shown below)

Picture time. Below are some examples of kitchens from across the globe (including some in the USA). Take a look and then decide if you're a fan of the kitchen you've got or if you would rather have a kitchen from across the globe!

WIth walls possibly inspired by Tomatina (the annual tomato chucking festival) this kitchen represents its Italian roots in Rome, Italy.

A lot of Scandinavian countries have aesthetics that put heavy importance on a homes coziness. This kitchen in Hameenlinna, Finland is no exception.

I'm not sure what the washing-machinesque device is under the counter (trash compactor maybe?) but this neutral kitchen comes from Courbevoie, France.

I love the bar space as well as the G-shape of this kitchen. The flooring is funky (in a good way) in this Melbourne, Australia kitchen.

This cozy little kitchen made me think Norway or Sweden. But alas, it comes from up in Maine. I like the opposite painted cabinets.

A lot of white in this one, but it's still not too much. Guesses? Try Sao Paulo. In Brazil.

Alright, I admit I'm stereotyping but here's a hint: This tiny kitchen might be used to cook up some fish n' chips. Surrey, UK.

A lot of these kitchens are an exercise in your perception of a country. You could say this comes from the US or the UK and I would believe you. If you said Istanbul, Turkey, I might not. But that's exactly where this one's from.

This one is similar in the sense that when I see the palm tree, I immediately think Caribbean or South America. But I'm way off. Some Dutchman is still enjoying the World Cup with his french fries and mayo in the Netherlands.

Last but not least, this kitchen offers only two burners with no oven to be seen. Taking the clues from above you might say Japan, but think bigger and a little to the West. Dalian, China.

Want to see more homes from around the world? Check out Normal Room, where people from all over the world post pictures of their homes. And let us know if you find anything you like!

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